Meet Meg

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A competitive, driven sports fanatic and the oldest of three children, Megan grew up in a small town thirty miles west of Boston.  She attended Georgetown University in Washington DC and has a B.S. in Finance along with a perpetual disappointment in her Hoyas basketball team.  In 2001, Megan moved to New York City and began her career at Lehman Brothers weeks before the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th.  

Having joined the investment grade corporate bond trading desk, Megan remained with Lehman until that minor bankruptcy hiccup in 2008, when she subsequently joined Barclays.  Throughout the years, Megan was a passionate leader on human capital initiatives, spending countless hours off the trading desk furthering agendas beyond bonds.  She realized her job as a senior female trader gave her a unique platform and she felt rewarded helping young women tap into strengths and skills they may not have known how to hone.  

Megan partnered with talent acquisition teams to coordinate strategies, initiatives, and platforms to attract, hire, and retain summer and full-time analysts.  She took a leading role internally launching networking opportunities for young women across various segments of the firm, for driving the connectivity between female traders, and for spearheading the agenda to bring more women into trading seats.  Megan also played a big part in external diversity efforts, bridging relationships across clients and hosting events targeting female executives across buy side firms.  

In November 2015, Megan was inducted into the YWCA’s Academy of Women Leaders for her leadership, achievements in her field, and contributions to the success of other women. 

In 2017, Megan said goodbye to NYC, it was time for Boston to again be home.  She also embarked upon a new career path, laying the groundwork for her consulting business, Bond Girl Strategies.  She partnered with Hult International Business School as a Career Development Advisor, helping coach graduate students pursuing careers in Financial Services. 

In spring of 2018, Megan joined global communications consulting firm Templar Advisors.  At Templar, Megan advises and coaches clients across the communications spectrum, including messaging and delivery involved in public speaking, preparation for quarterly earnings calls, annual investor conferences, and upcoming roadshows or pitches.  She recently played a leading role helping launch Templar’s new Women’s Development Series

And no, she is not a Yankees fan.  In over 16 years as a NYC resident, Megan only went to Yankee Stadium if they were playing the Red Sox.