Why would I want to be a trader if there are so few women in the jobs?

I try to look at this as a positive instead of a negative.  Being a female gave you a unique advantage.  We all know we have strengths and skills men either don’t have or where they are inferior.  We are better listeners.  We have better memories.  We are detail-oriented.  We are organized.  We are analytical.  All of this should help you stand out within a firm – perhaps you may work better with colleagues and you may forge a stronger connection with clients.  Though buy-side/investment management firms also struggle with gender diversity, I found there to be more women in buy-side trading seats than sell-side.  As such, it was often times a benefit that I was able to connect with them in ways the men could not.  Every investment bank & asset manager has an agenda to increase the percent of females, but specifically those in markets seats.  The resources available to women in college and about to graduate are tremendous.  Take advantage of it – the firms want you to leverage what they are offering them.  I wish I had some of the opportunities young women have today. 

Megan Philbin